Welcome to the next step
in the evolution
of maritime procurement.

In today’s competitive market, inefficiency kills margins. Margins that Moscord helps you keep strong and alive. 

Moscord helps maintain and increase profitability by bringing purchasers and suppliers closer together and eliminating unneeded steps in the procurement chain. Whether you are buying or selling, Moscord puts the global marketplace at your fingertips.


Moscord’s digital purchasing platform and integrated marketplace gathers the world’s products and suppliers in one convenient location, via a single, simple interface. Moscord’s unique platform enables any supplier or manufacturer to sell to the global market and any ship or company to purchase ship supplies directly from manufacturers, guaranteeing the shortest possible delivery times, the most accurate ordering process, and the lowest possible prices.

Moscord helps buyers and suppliers replace traditional, inefficient and costly spot buying process with a far leaner and far more efficient direct-order process. Our custom catalogue solution ensures higher data quality from start of the transaction, ensuring the most accurate ordersand deliveries.

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How Moscord Works

Think of Moscord as a ‘Maritime Amazon’ – a truly global marketplace which brings the world’s maritime buyers and sellers together.

A marketplace that is accessible anywhere, anytime, providing the best selection, the best prices, and the best service. A marketplace where goods are delivered directly to your vessel or hub at the touch of a button. A marketplace that enables both suppliers and purchasers to reduce overhead and increase margins, a marketplace that enables purchasing through a, single, streamlined service. And since the Moscord solution is directly integrated into your purchase requisition system, you achieve a level of order accuracy and transparency like never before.

Our platform works with almost any shipboard system, allowing easy creation of ordering lists, favorites, or need-based time tables. Orders are sent automatically via our system to each individual supplier who then fulfill the order according to established data and specifications. Moscord’s logistics arm then consolidates orders and products and provides last mile delivery to your ship or logistics hub, eliminating costly middlemen and added costs. This vastly streamlined process saves time, increases order accuracy, and saves at least 20% over current procurement methods.

With Moscord, you get exactly the products you need – exactly the way they should be, exactly where they should be, and exactly when they should be there.


Why Moscord?

For both sellers and purchasers, a more streamlined ship supply solution can be the difference between staying afloat and going under. The ship supply industry has historically featured numerous middlemen and complex intermediary stages. This has resulted in a convoluted and inefficient procurement process that wastes time, money and resources. This traditional, sub-optimized approach has entailed missed deliveries, incorrect product delivery, poor quality control, and a lack of pricing transparency. To achieve a dramatic degree of savings in such a complex chain, however, you have to know where to look.

And that’s where Moscord comes in.

The people that make up the Moscord team are our most valuable asset. Consisting of some of the industry’s brightest and most forward thinking individuals, our team has the shipping and technical expertise, the deep industry experience, and the extensive industry networks needed to bring this revolutionary model to bear on the Maritime industry in the most successful manner. The Moscord staff knows the ins and outs of the maritime procurement business and where to increase efficiency and cut costs. And our model leverages that expertise to the benefit of both buyers and sellers. We look forward to helping you increase and improve your business.

Moscord – a better way forward.


The moscord advantage

20% Item Cost Reduction
50% Less Procurement Cost
50% Faster Procurement Cycle

Finding ways to streamline purchasing and procurement processes is not just smart business, it’s an essential key to survival. Moscord allows you to order products from any or all of your chosen suppliers throughout the world via a single online catalogue and have your orders delivered directly to vessels or hubs. All while reaping massive cost and resource savings.

Moscord also allows unprecedented pricing transparency in the procurement and bidding process, since you can compare multiple suppliers on a specific comparison quickly and easily. You can easily pre-define the most commonly needed or ordered goods and create a custom catalog making ordering even easier, and our pre-priced logistics fulfilment takes the guesswork out of the final steps of the delivery process. All in all, most Moscord users experience reductions in procurement process overheads of up to 50%.

Moscord lets you move from spot to contract purchasing in a way that improves the quality of the products you order, the predictability of product pricing, and the speed and ease of fulfilment. We provide 24/7 delivery to most major ports, bringing products directly to your hub or ship, dramatically improving ordering accuracy and logistics, simplifying the ordering and fulfilment process and dramatically lowering costs.


With Moscord, you can order the specific brands and quality of products you want from and multiple suppliers, using pre-priced and customized catalogues, and covering everything from electric or mechanical components to medical supplies and consumables – all available at the touch of a button. No extra steps, no guesswork, no lengthy procurement processes, just savings and efficiency.

Moscord is free to use and can be easily incorporated into any shipboard purchasing system.


  • Access to world of products in one location
  • Access to any and all suppliers (from major to minor)
  • All purchases via single channel
  • Buy products and brands from/closer to manufacturers (lowest prices)
  • Move from spot to contract Data management, contract pricing, fulfilment and logistics
  • Improve product quality, cut costs and process time
  • Can be integrated into any shipboard purchasing system
  • 24/7 delivery logistics to vessels in key ports around the world
  • Delivery of products directly to buyers’ port hub or to ship including last mile logistics
  • Free to use
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Reaching the world
with Moscord

Moscord may well be the best thing to happen to maritime suppliers since the invention of the rowboat.

Imagine having access to the entire global marketplace, to the world’s largest purchasing buyers, no matter your size or location? Imagine being able to avoid the endless chains of middlemen and cost multipliers and sell directly to the end-user? Imagine if your success was based purely on your product quality and ability to provide timely, good service – not your ability to navigate the complex waters of bidding and procurement processes? With Moscord you can.

Moscord is a sensible (and perhaps inevitable) business evolution that brings suppliers in close contact with customers the world over, providing a level playing field and almost boundless business opportunities. And the dramatic reduction in intermediaries means that suppliers can offer lower prices to purchasers (increasing the chances of attaining a contract) while still maintaining (or increasing) margins. A true win-win.

Moscord’s vision is simple – to bring the world’s maritime buyers and sellers closer together and to dramatically increase productivity throughout the procurement and purchasing process. And increase profitability on both sides of the deal.

    MOSCORD Seller benefits

    • Access to world marketplace (even for the smallest suppliers)
    • Sell directly to ship owners and managers in a cost effective and scalable way
    • Increase efficiency and reduce cost of the sales process
    • Improve own net margins while offering lower unit prices
    • Eliminate redundant RFQs
    • Direct orders at contracted prices for frequently sold products
    • Move from spot to contract