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This registration process is intended to ensure that Moscord has all the information needed to ensure that all transactions and trades take place as smoothly as possible.

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You can navigate to any specific section by clicking the corresponding circles at the top of the form. This enables you to preview any section and collect the information you need to complete the registration process. This function is not available on smaller screens such as smartphones. For that reason, we recommend that you register on a computer.

Fill sections in the order you want

You can fill in the sections in any order that you desire. After you have filled in a section, and click on the NEXT button, your information will be stored and that section marked with a check, indicating that the section is completed. All sections need to be answered before you can submit your registration.

DO NOT refresh or close your browser

Once you begin to fill in your information, DO NOT refresh or close your web browser. Doing so will erase any entered information and you will be forced to start over.

Overview of the information provided

When you reach the final section, an overview of the information you have entered will be presented. If you want to change any information before submitting your registration, merely click on the section you would like to edit via the blue circles at the top of the form. Once edited, click NEXT and your information will be updated.

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    • 1

      Company registration information

    • 2

      Company Address

    • 3

      Banking Information

    • 4

      Port Hub information

    • 5

      Contact information - Primary

    • 6

      Contact Information - Transactions

    • 7

      Contact Information - Finance

    • 8

      Executive Contact information

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    Company registration information

    Company Registration Information


    Company Address


    Banking Information

    Account Currency*

    Multiple currencies can be chosen if the account is a multiple currency account.


    Port Hub information

    Services offered*



    For example, Explosive materials, Gases, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solids, Oxidizing Substances and Organic Pesticides, Toxic and Infectious Substances, Radioactive Materials, Corrosive Materials, Miscellaneous. By selecting yes, you verify that your facility meets all local requirements for the storage and distribution of dangerous goods.

    Please select types of dangerous goods you can accommodate.


    Primary Contact Information

    Moscord believes in full transparency with regard to all documents related to transactions carried out on our platform for both Buyers and Sellers. The primary contact information provided here will be visible on such documents, including, but not limited to, Request for a Quote, Quote, Purchase orders, and the like.



    Contact Information - Transactions

    When processing transactions between Buyers and Seller, Moscord occasionally needs to contact the relevant parties in order to ensure that things are carried out in the proper manner. For this reason, we ask you to name the party or parties we should contact at your company in connection with day to day transactions. Please note that the contact provided must have the authority to place and change orders on behalf of the buyer.



    Contact Information - Finance

    Our finance department helps coordinate payments between Buyers, Sellers, and Moscord. To make this process easier, please provide a contact person for the this area within your company.



    Executive Contact Information

    Your executive contact is the person with primary responsibility for your company’s relationship with Moscord. This person will only be contacted by our Commercial team in relation to updates on transactions, site implementation, etc.



    Information Summary

    1. Company Registration Information

    2. Company Address

    3. Banking Information

    4. Port Hub Information

    5. Primary Contact Information

    6. Contact information - Transactions

    7. Contact information - Finance

    8. Executive Contact information


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