Shipping Rules

1. These Shipping Rules apply to Supplier in respect of Order Fulfilment Services (as defined in Appendix 2) provided by Moscord pursuant to Appendix 2.

2. These Shipping Rules shall not impose upon Moscord any liability (or obligations) to a Supplier for which Moscord is expressly excluded from being liable (or responsible) for under the Appendix 2 for such Supplier.

3. Each Supplier is responsible for, among other things, (i) scheduling with Moscord all deliveries in respect of Order Fulfilment Services (referred to herein as the “Deliveries” or individually, a “Delivery”); (ii) paying all fees associated with the Order Fulfilment Services, including all delivery, retrieval and related fees; (iii) completing all reasonably necessary paperwork for the Order Fulfilment Services; and (iv) notifying Moscord the locations all Products will be delivered to and the originating / receiving areas designated for such Delivery.

4. Each Supplier will ensure that all Packages (including the boxes) (referred to herein as the “Packages”) are clearly labeled with the recipient’s name, the vessel name, the vessel’s IMO number, Supplier’s name and any individuals necessary to be named to ensure timely, smooth and successful delivery. Unidentified Packages will not be accepted.

5. Any Delivery shall be scheduled with Moscord at least 24 hours in advance. Except as provided in the next paragraph, only Packages presented on a timely basis to Moscord will be accepted for Delivery.

6. Emergency or after-hour Deliveries must be scheduled directly by calling the Moscord’s designated representative,.. Moscord will make reasonable efforts to accommodate after-hours or emergency Deliveries but is not bound to accept such Deliveries.

7. Moscord is entitled to visually and physically inspect any and all Packages. Packages containing liquids, combustibles and any hazardous materials will not be accepted nor will Delivery of visibly damaged shipments be accepted. However, Moscord may on a case-by-case basis handle such Packages subject to prior written express consent.

8. Moscord does not accept Deliveries that require carriage by barge. However, Moscord may on a case-by-case basis handle such Packages subject to prior written express consent.

9. At the time of Moscord’s inspection of any shipments, Moscord may record serial numbers for such equipment. Accordingly, when packing equipment for shipping on the instructions of Supplier, each Supplier should be aware that Moscord personnel may need access to the serial numbers on such equipment being shipped, and should seal boxes after serial numbers are recorded.

10. Suppliers are requested to contact the Contact Person to extend or cancel the Delivery date and time if the Package does not arrive at the scheduled date and time.

11. If a Supplier wishes for Moscord to perform such functions as well as packing or the shipments, a Supplier may do so by using a third-party service.

12. In the event a Delivery is not accepted by the intended recipient or is otherwise unsuccessful, Moscord will have due regard to Supplier’s return merchandise policy may in its sole and absolute discretion and on a non-binding and no-warranty basis deliver the Package in accordance with such policy. Otherwise, Moscord may alternatively deliver the Package to a storage facility designated by Moscord and such Package will be stored at such storage facility for a period of three (7) calendar days after which such Package will be either returned to the supplier or destroyed in such manner at the sole and absolute discretion of Moscord, subject always to the safety and security regulations of any relevant and applicable transport, storage, or other logistics service provider.

13. Moscord shall not be responsible or liable for any missing Products or damage to, Products, which may occur during the packaging and/or delivery of such Products.