Ross Tovey

Regional Manager



Ross Tovey comes to us from Dutch Seven Seas BV and will be working with sales development worldwide.

As regional Sales Manager for Seven Seas, Ross was in charge of several global key accounts as well as acting as general commercial manager. He increased global sales for Seven Seas by promoting worldwide services, carrying out quarterly sales review meetings, and implementing new sales strategies. Ross’s solid understanding of the global Offshore Industry and his strong focus on the Subsea market will provide key expertise to our team. Ross managed a sales team of 26 people, oversaw the group’s daily commercial business, steered development of marine sales to global clients, developed new commercial avenues and business opportunities that helped the company develop and grow. Ross also has lengthy sales experience in shipyards and on vessels working with Spanish Provimar experience which has provided Ross with ground up know-how, strong team building skills, and communications expertise, enabling him to build and nurture relations and networks throughout the maritime and oil & gas industries and across disciplines and departments.