MedSupply International, the market leader with over 30 years of experience providing medical supplies to the maritime industry, is partnering with Moscord to provide a more efficient ship supply process.

The partnership combines the industry knowledge, global capability and international medical supply network of MedSupply International and Moscord’s new maritime Marketplace. Moscord’s online/offline onboard catalogue solution and global distribution network will ensure prompt delivery of the products to ports around the world.

MedSupply International believes that this cooperation will allow the shipping operators to order medical supplies via comprehensive, pre-priced catalogues on-board and online, drastically simplifying the procurement process. This agreement will also benefit maritime clients by enabling them to buy directly from MedSupply International and have the products delivered all over the world under a single contract.

In cooperation with world-renowned port logistics partners, including GAC, Steder Group and others, Moscord delivers globally last mile logistics services, carefully handling every step of the process. Each of the port-hub partners will be authorized and approved by MedSupply International ensuring a timely and efficient delivery of the medical supplies.

‘It is crucial for vessels to meet regulations, and, importantly, for crew members to have access to reliable medical supplies at all times. There is no doubt that the partnership with Moscord will make us the absolute best and competitive solution for ship owners and managers when they purchase medical supplies for port delivery. We want to make medical purchase easy, safe and simple. We can achieve this with the Moscord partnership.’ – MedSupply International

‘The agreement with MedSupply International – one of the biggest providers of medical supplies to the marine industry is very important for Moscord. Through this partnership, we will be able to cover ship operators’ demands for medical supplies with one supplier and one contract. We will be able to make the life much easier for ship owners and ship managers in their process of ensuring the correct medical inventory onboard.

About MedSupply International

MedSupply International is a leading provider of medical supplies and equipment. With a footprint of 8 wholesale businesses worldwide, MedSupply International provide total medical and pharmaceutical supply solutions to a global client base including the maritime industry, oil and gas companies, hospitals, clinics, aviation industry and remote locations worldwide.

MedSupply International is a group capability of International SOS, the world’s leading medical & travel security assistance Company.

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About Moscord

Moscord represents a major evolutionary step in the maritime supply industry. Moscord combines a range of different technological and commercial innovations in a new and unique fashion to revolutionize the ship supply industry. With Moscord suppliers and purchasers alike get a leaner, optimized process that will bring major cost reductions to procurement functions and open vast new markets for suppliers.

With Moscord, ship owners are guaranteed that the products they order are the ones they get, and that they are of the specified quality on offer. A truly global, Maritime Marketplace – bringing all the world’s merchants together, easily accessible anywhere, anytime, with goods delivered directly to vessels across the globe at the touch of a button.

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