MOSCORD’s Maritime Base Catalogue (MBC) is a 16,000 line-item catalogue listing some of the best and most reputable suppliers in the ship supply industry within each product category. The catalogue covers the majority of vessel’s demand for stores and technical consumables.

 We offer up to three quality levels for each line item, quality levels defined by the industry. These levels you can choose between to match specific quality requirements for specific products, and in this way, refine your vessel’s eMarketplace. MBC is simply the guide to ensure that your vessels will be operated with the best products at the best price, ordered in the leanest and most facilitated way.

Products from MBC are available in Rotterdam, Singapore, China, and other essential ports worldwide.

 We think that transparency and flexibility are paramount, and with MOSCORD, you have the freedom to build your eMarketplace with your own preferred suppliers, supplemented with products from your Maritime Base Catalogue matrix. Simply the control is in your hands.

 Do you want a steady flow of quality products for your vessels ordered directly by the vessel’s officers? A flow of products where you know the source, the quality, and the price upfront? Then MBC is the transparent solution for you! Let your crew members know what they order and get what they order, when they need it.

 To find out more about MOSCORD’s Maritime Base Catalogue, contact us at: