A lot of companies try to hook you on to trial versions of their software. Feature-light, entry-level variations of full-featured products that are supposed to entice customers onboard, make a difficult change to your processes a little bit easier.

Moscord understands that.
We just don’t do it.
We don’t need to.

We understand the perception – changing a large organization’s procurement procedures can be like changing the course of an ocean liner – slow, complex, and not to be undertaken lightly. That’s why we’ve developed Moscord to work the way that you work – just faster, more streamlined, and more efficient. In a word, better.

We don’t need to offer a no-frills version of our marketplace, because we’ve made the full version as simple as possible. You can be up and running in no time at all, reaping all the benefits of the next step in the evolution of Maritime Purchasing – increased delivery accuracy, transparency and flexibility, and lower prices.


Moscord’s streamlined, margin-improving marketplace is already helping customers around the world to buy better, buy smarter and buy faster. After a simple dialogue to establish your needs and desires, you can be up and running, experiencing the savings of our game-changing approach to purchasing without unnecessary changes to your established procurement processes.

Moscord uses your standard RFQs to develop an online, customized catalogue, providing a selection of products from a wide range of pre-approved suppliers, all matching your specific needs and specifications. We do not stop with the creation of your customized catalogue, however. We continuously refine and improve your Moscord catalogue based on feedback from the quoting processes, increasing stock level consistency and sourcing transparency. Naturally, with either approach, you can always order directly via Moscord’s Marketplace if you wish to do so.

And if you wish to continue with your RFQ routines, simply provide your IMPA based RFQ, and we will use our proprietary scanning tool to compare your requests with a pre-qualified database. This database is filtered to reflect your parameters, and price benchmarking, and specifications. Simply put, you carry out your procurement process, as usual, receive a quote from us within two hours – reaping the benefits of the increased savings, transparency, and sourcing efficiency that Moscord brings, with no additional effort on your part.

And with Moscord Flex, you can select from a list of added-value services, choosing to let us streamline as much or as little of your procurement process as you desire. All with little extra work or effort. Quite the opposite, getting started with Moscord saves both time and money from the start. Moscord is transforming Maritime procurement. Isn’t it time you get onboard?

Moscord – A Better Way Forward

To find out more about the Moscord approach, Moscord Flex, or simply to discuss any questions you may have about how to improve your procurement process, contact us at: