Hoyer Motors – one of the leading suppliers of high-quality electric motors for the maritime industry – sees significant benefits in a partnership offering direct ship supplies via Moscord.

With 40 years’ experience in the industry, Hoyer Motors has always sought to serve customers in the maritime industry in a way that exceeds their expectations. That is why the company is now trading directly with ship owners via Moscord’s new Maritime Marketplace, thereby benefitting from direct contact with maritime customers. Hoyer Motor is looking forward to three exclusive benefits: Firstly, products can be delivered at least 20 percent cheaper, while the service on deck will be significantly improved, as motors with the right specifications can be more reliably delivered directly on board. Secondly, Moscord will coordinate orders, pricing and logistics, including the last mile delivery, in a simple and transparent way. Finally, Hoyer Motors can look forward to becoming part of Moscord’s comprehensive catalogue-service, which integrates with existing purchasing systems.

“We welcome the partnership with Moscord, because at Hoyer Motors we never say no to a simple and logical solution with economic and qualitative advantages for all parties, from the manufacturer to the customer at sea. Secondly, there is no doubt that the partnership with Moscord will make us the absolute best and competitive solution for ship owners and managers when they purchase electric motors for port delivery on board the vessels all around the world. This is because the partnership makes it easier to bring our expertise and the quality assurance programme that has been part of our DNA for 40 years directly into the customer’s engine room,” says Kim Kirkegaard, Country Manager at Hoyer Motors. Moscord also offers manufacturers like Hoyer Motors access to an increasing number of shipping companies through its comprehensive catalogue and logistics service, that can be easily accessed offline and online, well before the ship enters a given port. This means that ship owners and managers can confidently order punctual delivery directly on board – without having to worry about confusing local pricing and logistics involving several intermediaries.

“Hoyer is partnering up with us because they want to effortlessly deliver their products directly to their customers, including the last mile delivery. The Maritime Marketplace cuts expenses, which they can devote to enhancing the extra service and good experience they have always sought to offer their maritime customers. Our catalogue technology optimises direct ship deliveries and creates much closer bonds between manufacturers and customers at sea,” says Tom Olesen, Director of Moscord.

Hoyer Motors– High quality electric motors

Hoyer Motors has successfully served the marine market for more than 40 years. The Hoyer success is based on a commitment to serve the market with quality electric motors delivered on time with the required certificates and documentation. Hoyer is a Danish based company having Asian based headquarter in Ningbo, China. Additionally, Hoyer has offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Hoyer delivers electric motors to a wide range of marine applications – the most common applications are compressors, hydraulics power units, pumps, cranes and ventilation system.

Having 70.000 motors in stock most needs can be immediately satisfied – so you don’t have to wait if your motor needs replacement.

Learn more at www.hoyermotors.com

Moscord – Your Maritime Marketplace

Moscord represents a major evolutionary step in the maritime supply industry. Moscord combines a range of different technological and commercial innovations in a new and unique fashion to revolutionize the ship supply industry. With Moscord suppliers and purchasers alike get a leaner, optimized process that will bring major cost reductions to procurement functions and open vast new markets for suppliers.

With Moscord, manufacturers and industrial suppliers can sell directly to end-users and purchasers can order via comprehensive, pre-priced catalogues on-board and online, drastically simplifying the purchasing and procurement process.

With Moscord, ship owners are guaranteed that the products they order are the ones they get, and that they are of the specified quality on offer. A truly global, Maritime Marketplace – bringing all the world’s merchants together, easily accessible anywhere, anytime, with goods delivered directly to vessels across the globe at the touch of a button.

All the products you need: What they should be, where they should be, and when they should be.

Welcome to Moscord – A Better Way Forward