In line with our continuous commitment to bring you “a better way forward,” we are extremely proud to share the new features and improvements we have released in our Marketplace. These include a faster platform, more user-friendly features, enhanced data structures and optimizations that are sure to equip you in making the best procurement decisions.


Are you tired of trying to compare apples and oranges?

In Moscord we believe in transparency and making life easier for you.

We are now introducing BUOM to the Marketplace. In its full known as Base Unit Of Measure, a feature that the maritime industry has longed for in years.

BUOM allows you an unseen comparison of the cost of items across different pack sizes, suppliers and locations, adding aligned pricing to the smallest unit of measure for items.

Now you can easily compare and see the best prices up to an product’s smallest available unit of measure.

New Port Selector – easy navigation between different ports

  • Searchable port list and access to all ports worldwide
  • Standard port names and codes using UN/LOCODEs based on the official UN Port Code List
  • Get a customized port list – choose which ports to be included out of our full list of 18,000 different ports
  • Swiftly access your recent or most popular ports

Integrations – connecting the world of shipping commerce

  • We now fully support data exchange to PMS-provider SERTICA by API-integration – ensuring data integrity in the entire flow from requisition to order completion for SERTICA users
  • More integrations are on the way

MOSCORD API – the future is here

  • Integrate your requisitions into your preferred PMS system
  • Improve your inventory management & business intelligence processes via seamless data integration between Moscord and 3rd party programs
  • You get to decide what data enters your systems

Enhanced product data in Marketplace

  • Leaner and more scalable part number structure which greatly reduces complexity in onboarding new products for suppliers
  • We now support showing the Base Unit of Measure (BUOM) on the products available on the platform
  • Net price / BUOM: To better serve customers wishing to compare pricing, we have introduced the metric ‘net price per base unit of measure’, to give customers an even better overview over products on the platform

Free text items

  • Couldn’t find what you were searching for? No problem – we now support adding free text line items to your requisitions
  • Add free text items by IMPA-code and our application will automatically fill out the IMPA-product description and unit of measure for the specific IMPA-code requested
  • If what you are searching for isn’t covered by the IMPA catalogue you can simply enter descriptions and extra notes yourself

Improved Marketplace performance

  • Load time speed and overall navigation speed increased by an average of 45%
  • Faster and more smooth experience for users with limited connectivity onboard vessels

Customer code and field mappings

  • We now support tailoring requisitions, so you can get the correct data fields into the requisitions created on the Moscord Marketplace
  • Mapping of customer data fields to Moscord fields, such as Moscord port data from our port structure to customer port structure, customer item numbers/codes towards Moscord part numbers, and more.

Cart optimization

  • Clearer design and better overview
  • Summary of items without price in your cart is now included in the cart summary