Moscord – a truly neutral, truly independent platform.

Because, sometimes, freedom of choice means freedom from choice.

Modern businesses value the freedom to choose. The freedom that allows adaptability, and flexibility, and enables companies to evolve with changing conditions. The freedom to choose your own brands, partners, or suppliers, during the procurement process for instance. A freedom that has unfortunately been lacking in the Maritime sector. Until now. Until Moscord.

We at Moscord don’t think you should be limited to only the brands or suppliers that your supply partner or distributor has selected for you. Nor should you be confined to their choice of logistics solutions, storage partners, or the like. That’s why Moscord provides a truly neutral marketplace, that is open to all, regardless of size. A marketplace where you can specify any qualities, brands or suppliers that you wish – getting the products you want, from the source that you want.

With Moscord, you can also change your preferred brands or suppliers at any time. This gives you the opportunity to improve and refine your product range over time and to take advantage of new products or improvements, while keeping the same interface – a win-win for crews and purchasers alike. And if a specific supplier or brand you desire is not currently listed on our marketplace? Moscord will add any desired source or brand upon request, giving you a limitless selection from the world’s suppliers.

Freedom of choice, however, sometimes means freedom from choice. Not to worry, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can always entrust us with selecting the best product matches from our list of global suppliers, based upon your specifications and pricing guidelines. Or mix and match, specifying a specific brand or supplier for one product, letting us select for another – the choice is yours.

With Moscord, your freedom of choice doesn’t stop there, however. Our independent and supplier-neutral logistics approach enables you to develop and customize a logistics solution that is perfectly suited to your needs, changing suppliers when you wish, using specific partners for specific ports, and so on. Moscord’s unprecedented level of neutrality and transparency means that you can control the entire procurement process from order to onboard, evolving and customizing as you wish, achieving the flexibility and adaptability that are crucial for success in today’s competitive market.

Moscord – A Better Way Forward


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