We said it before, and we will say it again, Moscord is the ship supply business’s most transparent eMarketplace, allowing direct purchase of the best brands. With this said, Moscord operates globally with a number of reputable suppliers, and Moscord is proud to have Seastar Marine Supply onboard, delivering their products to customers lean and efficiently in the port of Singapore.

Seastar Marine Supply is an electrical distributor providing marine & offshore products.
“I am very proud to have Seastar onboard Moscord, consistently delivering high-quality products to our clients for optimal product prices,” says Freddy Ingemann, CEO, Moscord. “And among others their own brand ‘OSHIMA’ offering the industry an array of quality electrical products.”
Freddy Ingemann believes that Seastar’s products on Moscord’s trading platform are undoubtedly benefitting customers and helping them buy better and buy smarter; while simultaneously helping Moscord achieve a streamlined, margin-improving marketplace.”

Linda Chen, Director of Seastar Marine Supply, states that the company is constantly working on expanding its own business into different fields and believes that Moscord’s digital platform allows this on a larger scale with increased accessibility. “I am delighted to have Seastar be represented on Moscord, allowing us to reach out to existing and new customers in a more direct way. Moscord’s eMarketplace allows Seastar to deliver products with the most efficient and lean processes.”

Seastar has built up a strong relationship and trust with its clients for the past ten years. Seastar onboard Moscord has allowed customers easier access to the right product descriptions directly on board the vessels.

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To find out more about Seastar Marine Supply onboard Moscord, or simply to discuss any questions you may have, contact us at: info@moscord.com