CleanForCargo Masava Tank Cleaner Solid
The worlds first non-liquid Tank Cleaner

CleanForCargo’s Masava Tank Cleaner Solid

3,6 kg in a 10-liter bucket replaces traditional tank cleaner in 200-liter drums.

This Is a tank cleaning product that will revolutionize the way you are thinking and handling tank cleaning and logistics in the future. 

The Masava Tank Cleaner Solid is a high-end product where the active substance is a solid compound.

It is incredibly concentrated. 3,5 kg. solid soap is delivered in a 10-liter plastic bucket which replaces the conventional tank cleaning products delivered in 200-liter drums.

IMO approved, Bio-Degradable and very good for the crew’s work and safety environment.

Tank Cleaner Solid can be stored easily onboard. The space needed is only 5% of what is required for storage of conventional tank cleaners in liter 200 drums. In case of unexpected changes in schedules, it can even be sent by air freight.  

The product is highly versatile and will replace a long range of other tank cleaning products.

It has a shelf life of 3 years, and when blended with 5 liters of water in the bucket, it can be stored as long as required – ready for mixing into even small volumes of tank washing water.

It has never been easier to handle tank cleaning and it has never been cheaper to purchase, send and store tank cleaning soap onboard.

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