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Schneider Electric has over 90 years of experience in Marine Industry and a strong presence in major shipbuilding countries, including in China, Korea and Europe for both Merchant Marine, Navy and Marine offshore segments. As an experienced and reliable partner for both Electrical Distribution and Automation, Schneider Electric offerings, available on a worldwide basis, are 100% compliant with Marine standards and integrate the latest technologies.

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.

We are leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation. We make it possible for IoT-enabled solutions to seamlessly connect, collect, analyze and act on data in real-time delivering enhanced safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Just as oil has delivered the economy of today, data is driving the sustainable, low-carbon economy of tomorrow. Our solutions and services are all focused on this common purpose: using the IoT to capture data and turn it into meaningful, profitable, sustainable action for our customers.

Co-creating a sustainable future

At Schneider Electric, sustainability is part of everything we do — every decision, every innovation, and every initiative. For us, sustainability extends far beyond a vague hope for a cleaner planet. We believe that access to energy is a fundamental right, and therefore a truly relevant vision for sustainability must take into account human rights, ethics, and health and equity concerns.

Together with our customers, we prioritize resource productivity and management to fuel a circular economy. We promote energy efficiency and rethink energy consumption. We are realistic about the challenges we face, and understand that we are responsible for co-creating smart, sustainable solutions. Thus we help our customers become more efficient in how they buy and consume energy, allowing them to reduce their overall environmental impact without sacrificing efficiency and performance.

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