DESMI is a global company specialised in the development and manufacture of pump solutions for marine, industry, oil spill combating, defence & fuel and utility both locally and globally. The DESMI pumps and systems are sold to more than 100 countries via a network of subsidiaries and distributors on six continents. DESMI has more than a 180 years of experience and covers the segments Marine & Offshore, Industry, Oil Spill Response, Defence & Fuel, and Utility. The product range supplemented with agency products from other leading, world class manufacturers – is completed by related services such as the design and installation of pump plants, oil spill recovery and after sales service through our network of service centres. DESMI has subsidiaries in 30 locations in 17 countries worldwide and are sold to more than 100 countries via a network of subsidiaries and distributors on six continents.

In order to meet future customer demands for more complete systems, including DESMI pumps, we are providing solutions and systems as well as single standard pumps or components.

In recent years we have received various awards, e.g. Entrepreneur of the Year and the Danish Export Association’s Annual Member award, and has been named one of a ”1000 companies to inspire Europe”. The selection committees have included these highlights in their reasons for nominating DESMI: Very quick implementation of an innovative business concept; high growth in export turnover; strong networking, both nationally and internationally.


Spare Parts Kits

We offer day-to-day delivery of our Spare Parts Kits DESMI supplies spare parts and Spare Parts Kits to all your DESMI pumps throughout the pump’s entire lifetime. We provide spare parts kits for trouble-free, easy, and simple maintenance and overhaul of your pumps. We consider your problem our challenge.

Buy DESMI Spare Parts Kits and save money compared to purchase of individual parts.

DESMI offers a variety of Spare Parts Kits for the following DESMI pump series. For other DESMI pump series, please state pump type and serial number.

  • Modular S
  • SA
  • NSA
  • NSL
  • DSL
  • ESL
  • PVLN
  • ROTAN®
  • VAC

Spare Parts Kits include:

  • Mechanical shaft seal
  • Special tool
  • Bearings
  • O-rings
  • Gaskets
  • Washers & nuts
  • Item list
  • Etc.

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Desmi 48 – Replacement Pumps

Do you need to replace any of your main pumps? DESMI has replacement pumps for the following applications (but not limited to):

  • SW cooling pump
  • FW cooling pump
  • Ballast pump
  • Fire pump
  • Bilge pump
  • HVAC
  • Fuel Oil Transfer
  • Fuel Feed and Booster
  • Lube Oil

DESMI 48 is a fast track service concept which means that we can supply vertical in-line centrifugal pumps, horizontal self-priming pumps or internal gear pumps within two working days* (or 48 hours).

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Send us the serial number of one DESMI pump from your vessel and we will send you a catalogue of all your DESMI pumps and a list of recommended Spare Part Kits

Planned maintenance made easy and accessible

3 easy steps for at better planned maintenance:

  1. Send us a serial number of one of your DESMI pumps – use the contact mail above under contacts.
  2. Within a few days you will receive a file listing all your DESMI pumps onboard your vessel.
  3. You will also receive a list of the recommended Spare Part Kits pertaining to your pump inventory. We call this a Moscord Spare Parts Kit catalogue from which you can order directly

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Contact info:

DESMI Pumping Technology A/S

Address: Tagholm 1
Postal: DK-9400
City: Nørresundby
Country: Denmark
Phone 1: +45 9632 8111
Phone 2: +45 9632 8154
Fax: +45 9817 5499

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